About us

We are a young Start-Up with connections to Research and Development. Our focus is the Digital Transformation of organizations.

We are located in Esslingen near Stuttgart and own a homebased-office near Hannover as well. That is why we have a very good accessibility.

Our Services

We are your interface to new technologies, trends and innovations. With our competences we can provide services via the whole process of Digital Transformation. Offering these services we support future and strategy decisions of your organization.

Service details

Project Supervision

Professional attendance of projects during your Digital Transformation in the role of Product Owner.

Development of new Business Models

Together with you we develop new Business Models to increase your revenue, reduce your cost or to diversify your portfolio. Therefore we use existing ideas or develop new ones in idea workshops.

Digital Platforms

Today, Digital Platforms are the base of high-performance companies. Together with you we draft your individual platform solution or choose existing and fitting products on the market.

Requirements Engineering

We take over Requirements Engineering for your new planned solutions or migrations. This process normally includes also workshops with all Stakeholders.

Technology Benchmarking

Implementation of Benchmarking Studies for your planned solutions with detailed recommendations about the best fitting technology.

Change Management

Take-over of change processes before, during or after the roll-out of a new software-, process- or system solution.

Industrie 4.0 and Connectivity

Connectivity is crucial for the total networking, which is designated as the forth industrial revolution. Together with you we identify networking possibilities in your organization and draft the concept for the most suitable Industry 4.0 solution.

New Technologies

With our connection to the university we have access to the newest technologies of the digital industry. Using these technologies driving proof of concepts together, we can introduce, test them and establish them in your organization.

Specification or Backlog Development

Development of ready to use specifications (normal project management) or backlogs (agile project management) for your planned solutions.

Innovation Management

Enabling for Rolling Innovation with introducing our own developed method that allows you to empower your innovation strength.

Workshops and Trainings

With Workshops and Trainings, we sensitize your employees to Digital Transformation. Your employees learn to develop their own data driven models and to recognize digitization possibilities.


We take over the whole Software-Conception before the development starts (project planning, requirements engineering, specification development, backlog development, process management, project supervision).

Omni-Channel Strategy

To be present at your customer permanently it is important to have an Omni-Channel Strategy. We develop this strategy together with you and draft concrete solutions.

Process Management

We support you during digitization, engineering or reengineering of business processes.

Digital Strategy

Development of the most suitable digitization strategy for your organization based on existing/planned systems, new trends and technologies as well as in coordination with your business strategy.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Manfred Roessle

Senior Partner Technology & Projects


Mobile: +49 170 5478827

Head of Business Informatics at Aalen University


Longterm experiences in Logistics, IAS and MIS, Research and Development in Big Data and Predictive Analytics, successful implementation of ERP projects, conception and development of specific Industry 4.0 solutions

Nicolas Dolle

Managing Director & Consultant


Mobile: +49 157 50115111

Research and Development in digital Services at Aalen University


Attendance of diverse software projects for well known companies, implementation of pre-sales and requirements engineering processes, contract management and software conception for bigger organizations

Maik Neumann

Administrator & Consultant


Mobile: +49 151 57565018


Implementation and administration of diverse networks and websites, hardware and software maintenance, programming of smaller web applications.


adisoft Systems

Specialists for mobilty solutions and implementation of individual software solutions in Germany.

Inside Solutions

Specialists for the fast and flexible development of individual software solutions, support with proof of concepts and high development capacities due to near shoring centres.


P-A-Systems is National Partner in the VBU and member of a huge network with different key aspects.


Street: Heilbronner Str. 49
City: DE-73728 Esslingen

Email: info@p-a-systems.com
Web: www.p-a-systems.com

Tel: +49 711 50477488
Mobile: +49 157 50115111

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