About Us

We are a private and economical R&D organization for digital transformation of companies providing research transfer and trainings in new technologies as well as development services for industrial and administrative Artificial Intelligence solutions.
We are strongly connected to international research, universities and institutes of the digital sector to secure our partners to receive services and technologies at the flow of time.

Facts and Figures

Clients: Major Enterprises, Smaller and Mid Sized Businesses as well as Public Institutions count on our knowledge!
Successfully realized projects with our clients and partners since mid of 2018
AI Specialists, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Developers and Consultants together with our partners in Europe

Why we are different than others!

  • Due to our proximity to science, research and education, we know about the newest technologies that are already ready-to-use in business
  • We do not just apply digital transformation and AI, we fully understand its individual behavior, because we know the technologies
  • We treat each dataset individually and understand the problem or opportunity first before implementing the solution
  • We are using the newest and sexiest algorithms in line with the production and service industry
  • Our products and services deliver an adaptable frame to be applied on individual use-cases enabling added value generation fast
  • We are Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence! – End-to-End

Our Products and Services

SensorPiN Flexible IoT & AI Solution
DescriptionIoT Hardware and Software Product for the acquisition, ingestion and analysis of industrial (machine) data
Successful applied reference casesAnomaly detection, predictive maintenance and other AI optimizations applied in: waste incineration plant, automotive, brewery industry, metal industry and many more…
Test Access to our technologiesYes – 2 months test access for a machine/industry process of choice incl. data analytics report for free – Contact us!
Download Two-Pager Specification Here
Digital Business Environment – Coaching for Employees or Leaders in digital Technologies and AI
DescriptionCoaching in new digital technologies and artificial intelligence either for operative employees or for top-management with added info about AI and leadership
Successful applied reference casesContinuous coaching activities for the insurance industry and production industry as well as for operative level as also for top-management and leadership
Test Access to our technologiesYes – 1 hour free Webinar incl. insight into the course material and digital application follow-up discussion
Download Two-Pager Specification for Employee Coaching Here
Download Two-Pager Specification for Manager Coaching Here
E-Mail & Document Automation Systems
DescriptionAI classification and interpretation technologies for e-mails and documents as well as postprocessing of information
Successful applied reference casesAutomated E-Mails and documents in the service sector (finance and insurance industry)
Test Access to our technologiesYes – E-Mail or Document classification demonstrator for free – just provide us some data!
Download Two-Pager Information Here
Analysis and Prediction of time series data
DescriptionAI based analysis and prediction of time series data
Successful applied reference casesAnalysis and Prediction of specific time series data streams (volumes, prices, energy values, etc.) applied in the recycling, energy and automotive sector
Test Access to our technologiesYes – Just send us some data and we will prepare a first free prediction demonstration for you!
Other Services
  • Consulting and Research Transfer, such as Selection of Technologies and digital Strategies
  • Provisioning of specialists and interim manager for our clients‘ internal digitalization challenges
  • Process Digitalization
  • Governmental Funded Research Projects with focus on Digitalization

Management and Representatives

Nicolas Dolle, M. Eng.
Founder and CEO
Alexej Wergunow Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Rössle
Senior Consultant & Advisor


Street: Schenkenbergstr. 49
City: DE-73733 Esslingen-Mettingen